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How to start travel business online in Hungary

How to start travel business online in Hungary

Hungary, a land of rich history and vibrant culture, boasts several captivating cities and landmarks. Budapest, the capital, is a true gem straddling the majestic Danube River. Its iconic Chain Bridge connects Buda's historic Castle Hill with Pest's dynamic city center, offering breath-taking panoramas of the Parliament and Fisherman's Bastion.

Venturing beyond Budapest, Eger enchants with its baroque architecture and thermal baths, while Pécs boasts a tapestry of Roman, Turkish, and Christian influences, evident in its UNESCO-listed sites. The picturesque town of Szentendre, with its colorful streets and art galleries, beckons visitors to explore its charm.

Hungary's countryside unfolds a tapestry of wonders; Lake Balaton, the "Hungarian Sea," invites relaxation amidst serene landscapes. The historic town of Sopron, with its medieval charm, and the royal city of Székesfehérvár, steeped in regal history, offer glimpses into Hungary's past.

  • Debrecen, known for its vibrant cultural scene and religious heritage, and Szeged, famed for its stunning architecture and spicy fish soup, further enrich Hungary's diverse tapestry of destinations.
  • Each city and landmark in Hungary narrates a story of its own, inviting travelers to embark on an unforgettable journey through its history and culture.
  • With the internet reaching a vast majority of people, most of the daily activities are conducted using latest technology, including travel. To add to this, the internet travel software has opened up new revenue opportunities for travel firms.

Focusing on one's skills is the key to starting a successful international travel agency in Hungary. Your online travel agency could offer the finest accommodations, excursions, and transportation so that your customers may be treated with care. Your clients should trust that you will take care of everything, including vehicle rentals and restaurant bookings. You can choose a domain and build a travel agency using the white label travel portal development firm, Motion Mojos.

Launching an online travel agency in Hungary

It is said that the most difficult task is to begin anything. Thankfully Motion Mojos understands this and is here to assist you in setting up your very own white label travel portal. This company is known for their cutting-edge booking platform for travel companies and tour operators.

Their key modules include:

  • Integrated booking engine with modules such as B2C, B2B, and B2B2C
  • Secure terminal administration
  • Flights & hotels booking engine for travel agents
  • Development of travel portals and applications in Hungary
  • Car rental systems and transfers
  • Website and app development for VISA, holiday package system and management
  • Third-party integration
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Central reservation system module
  • GDS flight API integration
  • Interface in many languages
  • PNR import for offline reservations
  • Promotion of white labels
  • Comparatively superior APIs, user interfaces, and functionalities create a competitive edge.
  • Engage B2C and B2B agencies with innovative trip booking software to increase income.

Install the travel agency software from Motion Mojos on an existing or newly-created domain and submit travel offerings under your brand. Their cloud-based integrated business services software is considered to be less expensive than comparable custom travel agency software.

  • Since Motion Mojos uses cutting edge technology, your program for trip booking will appear and operate the same on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • The company is known to support payment gateway API integration. By collaborating with Motion Mojos, you can create a travel website and provide online, direct-payment with discounts wherever applicable. In this manner your customers will return to your website as this will create brand loyalty and bring in more business toy you.
  • Integrate your online reservation system with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms.
  • Investigate and comprehend the evolution of your online booking engine. You should include Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, and third-party hotel and transfer aggregators.
  • Motion Mojos is a White Label Travel Portal Development Company situated in Hungary that may assist you to start travel agency business.

When you connect with the expert team at Motion Mojos, the following perks can be incorporated in your online travel agency:

  • A website that is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Design alternatives.
  • Easily create a website.
  • Administrative interface for the creation of self-service content.
  • Among other things, analytics for monitoring the success of your travel company's website.

Get in touch with Motion Mojos soon, as Hungary's thriving parks and thrilling activities are calling travelers from the world over.

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