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How to Develop Travel Portal in United Arab Emirates

How to Develop Travel Portal in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is among the top rated destinations in the world. The country is visited by millions of travelers throughout the year. Some of the prominent cities here are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al-Ain. The country is capable of providing multiple business opportunities to agents who wish to start travel business online. There are various domains of the travel industry that you can explore in this country. But in order to be successful, you will need to develop a travel portal. Without a portal you will not be able to manage your business in a proper way.

Why Opt for a Travel Portal Solution?

Developing a travel portal can benefit you in various areas.

  • Visibility - Travel portals can allow you to gain an enhanced visibility for your travel agency. By operating your business on the online network, you can access millions of potential customers and increase the chances of obtaining sales. You can also advertise your brand more effectively with the help of portals.
  • Sales - With white label travel portal development you can boost the revenue of your business to a great deal. As you can collaborate with more providers and offer attractive deals on travel products, the chances of hitting sales can increase. Portals can also enable you to earn through commissions by working with host agencies.
  • Customer Acquisition - When planning to start travel agency online, one of the greatest advantages that you are likely to witness is an organic growth in your customer base. A large part of this is possible due to the online network that you can gain access to using portals.
  • Service Quality - Portals can allow you to improve the quality of your services by integrating automation to the website. You can opt for a chat bot and resolve the queries of your customers at the least turnaround time. You can process booking requests of the travelers instantly. You can also update your customers on the latest offers and ensure a better relationship with them.

How to Obtain Tourism Portal Development?

Before you develop a website, it is important that you consider certain aspects of your business.

  • Target Market - The type of customers you want to target for your travel business will determine the kind of website developments that you will need. If you want to conduct business in both B2B and B2C domains, you will need to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal that will enable you to offer relevant services to these customers.
  • Features - There are various technologies that you can add to your travel agency software. But it is important to identify your business goals and align required features to them so that you can gain a better control on the development process of the website. With developers like Motion Mojos you can customize the website and utilize it appropriately for your business growth.
  • Cost - The cost of developing a travel portal can vary from a few thousands to a huge sum. The travel website/portal development cost that you will incur will depend largely on the integration of technologies and features. The more complex technologies you opt for the portal, the higher will be the cost of developing it.
  • Integrations - Travel portals can allow you to collaborate with various service providers so that you can provide your customers with a variety of product choices. By opting for a GDS integration service with professionals like Motion Mojos, you can partner with the suppliers of travel products in your target regions. But you will need to identify the market trends so that you can add relevant products to your business.
  • Time - The time needed to develop a travel website can be considerable depending on the complexity of the software. Motion Mojos can help you to obtain a reliable portal in the least possible time without compromising with the quality or performance.

There are many such factors that you need to consider to find out how to develop travel portal in United Arab Emirates in the most effective way. Once you have determine your target customers and products, you can utilize portals in providing a good service and growing your business to its fullest capacity.

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