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How to develop travel portal in Maldives

How to develop travel portal in Maldives

Maldives is one of the top destinations that is witnessing a huge growth in its tourism industry. Among the prominent cities here are Male, Maafushi Island, Villingili, Addu City, and Hulhumale. People from different countries arrive here to explore its beautiful islands. This provides travel agents with various business opportunities. But to operate your business successfully, it is essential that you opt for tourism portal development. The platform can allow you to connect with the travelers in a better way and expand your business appropriately. There are various advantages that portals can provide your travel business with.

Why Opt for a Travel Portal Solution?

Opting for a portal can be beneficial for your travel business in various ways.

  • You can obtain a GDS integration service for your portal, which can help you to collaborate with multiple service providers. Adding a variety of services can help in increasing the popularity of your brand. By partnering with various suppliers, you can offer affordable services to the travelers. You can also let your customers obtain details of the providers on a real time basis.
  • Using portals you can connect your business with the leading hotel suppliers. This can enable you to offer attractive deals to your customers on the prices of hotels. You can provide them with the required facilities and allow them to choose from multiple options. You can also help your customers to locate other suitable accommodations in a specific region.
  • By developing your portal with Motion Mojos, you can offer different product choices to the travelers. You can add a number of travel services on a single platform and attain a smooth execution process for your business. You can scale your business conveniently based on the current trends in the market. You can also make analysis of your sales and choose products that are in demand among your customers.
  • Another benefit of using a travel portal is that you can let the travelers check availability of the service providers and place booking requests accordingly for future dates. Flight & hotel API integration allows you to gain access to the inventory of the suppliers. You can know about their reservations for a certain period of time and share the information with your customers. This can help your customers to opt for services that they can be sure about.

How to Obtain a Travel Agency Software?

Here are some important features that can help you to obtain an effective portal for achieving your business goals.

  • Review - It is important that you urge your customers to post their feedback about your services on the website. Sharing the comments of your happy customers with other travelers can enable you to boost the reputation of your travel agency and obtain more customers. This can contribute to the growth of your loyal customers and can help you to build long-term relationship with them.
  • Search Options - With Motion Mojos you can add relevant filter options on your portal and allow your customers to find information on the website without any difficulties. When searching for any service on the portal, travelers are likely to come across a number of results. It is important to help them to narrow the data so that they can obtain the required information easily.
  • Google Maps - Integrating Google map to your travel portal can provide a convenient way for the travelers to find hotels. You can let your customers locate hotels or other travel service providers in a given area. This feature can also help them to know about the places of attractions at a specific location. With a skilled travel website/portal development company like Motion Mojos you can obtain accurate data and share it with your customers.
  • Multiple Languages - Making your portal accessible in various languages is another essential factor that you need to consider. This can enable you to conduct business with travelers from different countries. You can add language translator to the website and allow your customers to view the portal in their preferred languages.

Developing a travel portal can help you to find out how to develop travel portal in Maldives efficiently. Hiring Motion Mojos you can collaborate with the leading travel service providers and let your customers obtain products at attractive prices.

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